Rental Products

  • • Type : Regular - B. Type • Weight : 17 Kg Approx. • Make : Iron • Oxygen Capacity : 1500 Ltr. • Water Capacity : 10 Ltr.
  • NewLife Elite is AirSep Corporation’s most economical line of stationary oxygen concentrators, delivering up to 5 lpm of therapeutic oxygen in home, hospital, and clinical settings.
  • Philips EverFlo is a forward-thinking, efficient, compact and easy to handle oxygen product that save your time and money over the course of ownership. Benefits : • Compact and easy to move • Light weight -14kg • 93% purity at all flow rates from 0.5 to 5LPM • Cost effective and durable
  • Philips SimplyGo offers patients the independence and freedom in a durable design that can handle the bumps and bruises of daily activities while providing effective therapy. Benefits: • Lightweight design, only 4.5 kg • Durable design, sturdy cart with large wheels • -Resists impact, vibrations and extreme temperatures • 15000 hours of compressor lifetime • Virtually no preventive or patient maintenance
  • Philips SimplyGo Mini is loaded with attractive features and designed for reliability SimplyGo Mini, is the smallest and lightest portable oxygen concentrator. Benefits: • Only 2.25 kg • Attractive and sleek design • Easy-to-remove external battery • Intuitive, easy-to-read screen • Strong, comfortable carrying case