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This device helps measure the oxygen saturation level and oxygen levels in the patient blood. With LED Display Monitor, the device offers one a great assistance in monitoring the health of persons with any sort of health issue that can have an effect on blood oxygen levels. Such conditions can be lung cancer, heart attack or heart failure, pneumonia, asthma, congenital heart defects, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and anaemia
The exact work of the device is to keep a tab on how well patient’s heart is pumping oxygen throughout his/her body.

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It is a small, non-invasive and clip-like device that is usually attached to a finger, earlobe, or toe. It measures an oxygen saturation level and is a painless test. The demand for the product is high in clinics, hospitals and health care units. Many people buy it for their relative, usually patients at home to keep a tab on their health. Health 360 Degree has offered many good quality pulse oximeters for the customers at jaw dropping prices. It is one of the best pulse oximeter dealers in Noida known for its best price and best features of health care products.

For most healthy individuals, oxygen saturation level of 95% indicates normal condition. But, oxygen saturation level of 92% shows deficiency in oxygen reaching tissues throughout the body. So, in this case is required to check out the condition of the patient. The company is offering best pulse oximeter price in Noida, speak to our guy for more information.
For quality Pulse-oximeter & More, call us! To use it at home, you may speak to our healthcare provider, so that he may guide you how often to take the readings and other details.

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